Are you feeling lucky? Your gambling getaway is just moments away

About a 20-minute drive from Wichita Falls are two of Texoma’s hottest gambling paradises. Our locals and our out-of-town guests always have a great time at Kiowa Casino and Comanche Red River Casino. Drive north from Wichita Falls on I-44, cross the Red River, and take the first exit. Get ready to win when you perch at one of the hundreds of vibrant modern slot machines these casinos have to offer, or play a heart-pumping game of cards at one of the tables. Whether you’re looking for a gambling getaway, or the thrill of slot machines, poker, and blackjack, your destination is just moments away.

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Comanche Red River Casino

196747 OK-36, Devol, OK 73531
866-280-3261 | Website

Kiowa Casino

198131 OK-36, Devol 73531
580-299-3333 | Website