Imaginative Minds Mural

802 Harding St Wichita Falls TX
Imaginative Minds, designed by MSU graduate Selena Mize with support from a team of local muralists, is a part of the Eastside Mural Project. The Eastside Mural Project is an initiative by the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture to integrate public art into community spaces. The project is intentionally designed to spark city-wide conversations about the roles arts play as a catalyst for community development. The brilliantly colored artwork has a number of distinguishing characteristics, not the least of which is that the art work covers the entire building. All of the original architectural elements of the original Fly’s Gas Station have been incorporated into the mural, located at 802 Harding Street. Artist Selena Mize says, “The mural creates a display of rendered portraits of children surrounded by simplistic two-dimensional cartoon backgrounds that could easily resemble a coloring book or generic children’s drawings. The use of paper origami placed throughout these four large canvases reminds her of how she created small, three-dimensional crafts as a young girl. The mural is meant to be playful, fun, and vibrant.