Call Field: Pioneers of Flight Mural

4000 Armstrong Dr. Wichita Falls TX 76305
History of flight in Texas comes to life in the “Call Field: Pioneers of Flight” mural by Kim Ward. The mural is a background for the Jenny to Jet exhibit, located at the Wichita Falls Airport, and blankets two walls — one 55 by 20 feet and the other 22 by 20 feet. The scene Ward brought to life is of a line of planes in front of half a dozen hangars. About three dozen planes hover in the wide, blue Texas sky overhead. A fire truck sits close by — “The Jennys would backfire all the time and start grass fires,” Ward said — along with a carrier pigeon coop in one corner. The mural is so detailed and as historically accurate as Ward could get it that the artwork even includes a U.S. flag flying with 48 stars, since Hawaii and Alaska were not yet states back then.