Hotter’N Hell Hundred

104 Scott Ave, Wichita Falls, TX 76301 | 940-322-3223 | website
The Centennial Ride from hell, Hotter’N Hell Hundred grew out of efforts to find a special way for Wichita Falls to celebrate its 1982 centennial. The Wichita Falls Bicycle Club proposed a bicycle ride – 100 miles in 100 degree heat to celebrate 100 years, coining the name: Hotter’N Hell Hundred. The rest is Hotter’N Hell History. The Hotter’N Hell Hundred is still the largest single day 100 mile bicycle ride in the nation – and one of the largest in the world. Over 13,000 riders from across the globe come to Wichita Falls, TX for 4 days of challenging and inspiring activities. Ever wonder where the CamelBak hydration pack originated? Well, it was at the 1989 Hotter’N Hell Hundred right here in Wichita Falls, Texas!