"I give the Wichita Bluff Nature Area addition to the circle trail a big thumbs up, four stars and job well done to whoever designed and executed this."

Durango Jones

On Friday an incoming email told me the long-awaited completion and opening of the Wichita Bluff Nature Area had arrived and was ready for its closeup. And so, yesterday, that being Saturday, with thunderstorms and possible tornadoes, along with grapefruit size hail and gusty wind on the potential weather menu I decided to check out the new scenic extension of the Wichita Falls Circle Trail. Let’s just get my take on this new development out of the way before we proceed. I give this addition to Wichita Falls a big thumbs up, four stars, and job well done to whoever designed and executed this. The email I got on Friday told me the newly opened section of the Circle Trail was about 1.5 miles. I think it was longer than that, judging by the hour it took to walk to the trail’s current termination.

The entry sign you see above is at the east end of the newly opened trail. The trail terminates a quarter mile, or so, from this eastern entry. You can see where preparations are being made to continue the Circle Trail extension to connect to Lucy Park.

Here we are at the west end entry, seeing a group heading towards the Nature Area’s parking lot.

A surprisingly large number of people were checking out the newly opened Nature Area, what with it being a blustery threatening weather type of day.

This new trail section is unique to the Wichita Falls Circle Trail in that the trail in the Wichita Bluff Nature Area has elevation gains and drops.

Today was the longest I have walked in months. I think my ankles and feet may be complaining soon. In the photo to the right, we are near the entry, on one of several side trails from the main trail, with one of the ubiquitous Wichita Falls swinging benches. That is one of two covered areas you see on the left, which one comes to whilst walking the trail. Providing protection from sudden inclement weather, and the sun.

Eventually, the Wichita River comes into view. Several overlooks, with benches, provide rest stops with river views Such as the Wichita River overlook you see in photos 3 and 4. In photo 5 is the second covered weather protector structure. This one is near the east entrance to the Nature Area. One of the aforementioned side trails, leading to yet one more swinging bench overlooking the Wichita River in photo 6. And yet one more example of swinging benches accessed by a side trail from the Circle Trail, with these two looking in opposite directions in photo 7. In photo 8 we are heading up the trail to the parking lot at the west end, Seymour Highway, entry to the Wichita Bluff Nature Area. As you can see, the sky is a bit threatening. Though no actual threat materialized during the time period I experienced this new Wichita Falls Nature Area. I’m hoping the success of this new section of Circle Trail instigates an impetus to close the couple gaps remaining which keep the Circle Trail from being a true circle.