“I do use a little spray paint on most things because it is so fast, convenient and the overspray effect it has”

Wichita Falls is quickly becoming one of the prime destinations for seekers of local art in Texas. In recent years, the city’s historic downtown buildings have been brought to life with exciting new Instagram-worthy murals. One noteworthy local mural artist is a talented man who goes by the name “Sorrow.”

One of Sorrow’s most popular murals is “Forever and a Day.” This Dia de los Muertos themed painting can be found right outside of the Wichita Falls Brewing Company on 7th Street. Dotted with accents of sharp red, the black and white painting features a man and a woman in skeletal makeup, their kiss frozen forever in time. One of the reasons this mural is so striking is Sorrow’s use of spray paint to create the image he wants to convey.

“I do use a little spray paint on most things because it is so fast, convenient and the overspray effect it has,” he states. “I use a few shades of the same basic color and not much time spent on blending of colors. I will most likely stick with the black and white with a splash of color.” He plans to continue with this style in the future.

Other notable work of Sorrow’s on 7th street include the Jim Morrison inspired piece “Strange Days Have Found Us” and a painted horse titled “Storm,” which was commissioned for the Wichita Falls Police Department. The city is known for its painted horses on display all across town, and Sorrow’s contribution is a powerful addition to the collection. The blue horse features a proud soldier standing in front of an American flag. Continuing down this street, one can find even more of Sorrow’s work to observe and enjoy.

Another popular piece that often winds up at local exhibits is an untitled D-Day work on canvas. The artist expresses that this painting in particular resonates with many people and must be seen live to get the full experience. In addition to witnessing Sorrow’s art in person, people can also buy his prints through his website (link here). Items for sale now include wall art, home decor, stationery, tech, and apparel.

Although much of Sorrow’s work comes from a deep inner-melancholy, he uses the art to transmute the traumatic experiences of his life, one being the tragic loss of his teenage son. Art, to him, is healing. It is also a way to pay homage to his faith in God.

“God, the great creator of all,” he states, “is the one I owe a debt to for buying me out of the slave market of sin so that I may serve him with art for now. All I can do with these hands I try to be mindful and honoring of him.” He adds that he is also grateful to live in America, for the opportunity to pursue his art, and for all of the supporters he has had over the years. And the feeling is mutual: Wichita Falls is lucky to have Sorrow and his work as a highlight of its blossoming art scene.